Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezers

The new colourful Electrolux Inspiration Range fridge freezers that should be available in UK in a few weeks, will keep fruit and vegetables fresh up to a week longer. Glossy red, chocolate brown, lime green and ebony black stainless steel fridge freezers from Electrolux are designed to give your kitchen a lift. While the others are painted, the ebony black model gets its colour from a unique finishing process enabling a true colour stainless steel.
Electrolux, which has equipped the kitchens of about half of Europe Michelin chefs, says that beneath the surface, the design of Inspiration fridge freezers is based on the needs that professional chefs have for the freshest possible ingredients.
These fridges have dual cooling circuits called TwinTech. With TwinTech, humidity can be kept at 65-90%, compared to 25-40% for single-circuit frost-free fridge-freezers. Salad stays fresh for a week with almost no loss of moisture. Vitamin levels in fresh fruits and vegetables show no drop after 10 days.
FreshPlus models take this a step further with MultiFlow, a forced-air system that ensures consistent humidity and temperature at every level within the fridge.
As well as the distinctive colours, the 60cm wide fridges also offer intuitive, touch-sensitive LCD displays with white digits for temperature and function setting. The displays are visually aligned with those of the other appliances in the Inspiration range.
The Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezers also offer LED lighting with a premium Fade In effect in which light intensity grows smoothly for 2 seconds. From a practical point of view, LEDs create brighter light and better visibility, while consuming less energy and resulting in no heating inside the fridge.
Key features of the new Electrolux fridge freezers include,
– Fresh FrostFree
– FreshFlow MultiAirflow Technology
– CrispFresh drawer with Humidity Control
– Taste Guard air filter
– In Door LCD touch controls
– Fridge capacity 249 litres
– Freezer capacity 91 litres
– FreshZone chiller compartment with SuperChill
– ‘A+’ Energy Rating
Price for the new colourful Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezers starts at £ 900.


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