European refrigerator from Bosch

European styling and advanced function come together in the new Bosch KGP 36360 Silver refrigerator. This stylish European refrigerator uses a convex “Softline” design which increases storage space in both the refrigerator and freezing section while also adding to the clean, modern lines of the unit itself. Designed for precise food storage control, the KGP 36360 European refrigerator features a prominently displayed electronic temperature control panel at the top of the refrigerator door, which allows you to consistently monitor and adjust the conditions within the unit based on your needs. The moisture regulation features keeps fruit and vegetables fresher longer, and the large produce containers come equipped with telescopic runners which allow for bulk storage when necessary. The simple yet effective presence of two compressors, allows the refrigerator and freezer units to be turned on and off separately. The freezing unit features an automatic freeze function, a four-fold security system and a volume of 87 litres. Clean European design and superior features are in this Bosch refrigerator. Available from €805,00 or $1,058 USD. Previously, Classic Edition Bosch Refrigerator .

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