Samsung G-Series combi fridge freezer

With the upcoming G-Series combi fridge freezer from Samsung, you will get a large capacity bottom mount freezer in surprisingly compact size. Offering 440 litres of refrigeration space, the Samsung RL4483 succeeds in minimizing space constraints through its width. The G-Series Space Max technology increases the inner storage space without affecting the refrigerator body size. Space Max also further reduces the thickness of the wall yet maintains incredible insulation performance, enabling consumers to enjoy additional storage space and easier organization.

The G-Series Wide Combi bottom mount freezer is also very convenient. The incorporation of an ergonomic door handle allows for easy opening without extra force and foldable shelf that can be used as a full depth shelf or tucked up against the wall to accommodate taller containers. Other highlights of the Samsung G-Series bottom-mount freezer include,
– ‘A++’ energy efficiency, thanks to Samsung Smart Eco System, which applies sensor technologies and an intelligent self-adjusting compressor operation tailored to your specific usage
– blue LED Display at the front door graces the exterior of the refrigerator with its enhanced design and usability
– digital inverter compressor for more efficient cooling performance, higher energy savings and optimal freshness
– bright and efficient LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the refrigerator for easy navigation
– slim water dispenser for larger inner space and a twist ice maker
The G-Series Wide Combi will be available in Europe Europe starting September 2012. Samsung.

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