Fagor Torre fridge freezer

The FFJA4845X modern fridge freezer, Fagor Torre features contemporary square design and with its 24″ depth, fits perfectly flush with the surrounding cabinetry.

This Energy Start rated 24″ wide apartment size refrigerator has special anti-fingerprint stainless steel coating for a clean modern appearance and sleek contemporary stainless look with little maintenance. You can also choose the FFJA4845B Torre fridge freezer in black.
The Fagor Torre fridge freezer also comes with a built-in temperature control panel that allows you to control and select the perfect refrigerator and freezer temperature. The panel has icons and alarms to inform you of any changes in refrigeration climate.
The fridge freezer is equipped with the independently controlled Multi Fresh and Double Fresh drawers that provide two unique environments within the refrigerator, with optimum humidity conditions and stable temperature. These drawers are ideal for keeping vegetables crisp while meats and seafood can simultaneously be stored at their ideal level of moisture.
Other key benefits include Fast Cooling, Super Freezing, and Vacation modes. Both Fast Cooling and Super Freezing allow you to introduce large quantities of food into either the refrigerator or freezer at once, while The Vacation function is used when you want the freezer to work normally while the refrigerator remains empty and set at 57°F, to prevent odor and bacteria.
Anti-bacteria drum, freezer temperature indicator, sound alarm and warning light temperature indicator, open door alarm, anti-spill glass trays, reversible doors and optimal storage conditions. Fagor. Previously, Black Art refrigerator.

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