Gaggenau 200 series integrated hidden control dishwashers

For those of you who think that paying £1,100 for Miele LaPerla fully integrated dishwasher or close to $1,400 USD for this Asko Encore dishwasher is insane, consider DI291 Gaggenau 200 series dishwashers with prices often well over $2,000 USD. The Gaggenau 24″ stainless steel fully integrated dishwasher, DI291730 comes with sleek door front in glass-backed aluminum. Dishwasher profile is in solid shot-blasted aluminum. This fully automated dishwasher is equipped with intelligent Aqua-Sensor controls regulating the quality and amount of water, running time and wash temperature. The sensors also detect the size of the load and the degree of soiling and then calculate optimum water volume and temperature, providing you with the best possible results in washing while saving energy and water. Gaggenau also monitors and constantly regulates water hardness to protect glassware and delicate dishes. The dishwasher Vario bottom and top baskets cater to all shapes and sizes. The bottom basket has a handle, the glass rest, and at least eight rows of foldable spines, making it perfectly flexible for mixed loads. The top basket is fully extendable, making loading and unloading easy, and is height-adjustable ensuring that large pots and long stemware no longer need to be rinsed by hand. Other features of this exceptionally quiet Gaggenau dishwasher include Auto-Plus wash for heavily soiled dishes, Quick Wash where lightly soiled items are ready to use again after half an hour, Rinse and Hold, Power Boost function to shorten washing cycles when needed, Rinse agent refill indicator and Automatic 3-in-1 detergent function. A very neat attribute is Power-Light where a red dot is projected onto the floor in front of these fully integrated dishwashers, giving you an external visual indication that the program is coming to an end. The light goes out when the program is completed. These intelligent, good looking and easy to operate Gaggenau dishwashers are top notch performers, designed to save water, energy and your time. Are they worth the money? We certainly think so. See also our 2007 best dishwashers review.

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