New Fagor apartment sized refrigerator – 24″ stainless steel, no frost refrigerator freezer

Spain based Fagor may as well be the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe and the largest induction cooktop producer in the European Market, but in the United States, Fagor is largely unknown to the consumers except few. The latest 24 inch wide Fagor refrigerator is making quite a commotion with its sleek and functional design. The slim, no frost refrigerator-freezer made of finger print resistant stainless steel is the real apartment sized, cabinet depth refrigerator and features Fagor exclusive Advanced Control System for the most precised cooling in the market, special BIO filter and antibacterial treated inner walls to prevent fungus and bacteria growth. Functionally this Fagor fridge freezer brings much more than your average 24″ refrigerator. Fast Cooling and Super Freezing feature is useful when putting a large quantity of new products in the refrigerator or freezer, making the refrigerator go down to 34 ºF. It will stay at that temperature for 6 hours, and will cut-off automatically after it. The freezer will go down to the coldest level and remain there for the next 52 hours, afterwards it will cut off automatically or you can do it manually before. Holiday function allows you to keep the freezer on but turn off the refrigerator, which turns back on automatically, if the inside temperature reaches 57 ºF. Fagor newest cold air distribution system helps maintain the freshness of meat and fish for a longer period of time in the multi fresh compartment, which can also be used for vegetables and fruits. Other features are coolant leakage and open door alarm, reversible doors, environment friendly R134-A coolant, double-fresh vegetable compartment, unbreakable glass trays and drawer fronts, and new neodymium lighting. As you can see Fagor designed really lean, mean and muscular apartment sized refrigerator freezer that should be available in December. The expected price is $1,700 USD.

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