Neff refrigerator – all stainless steel refrigerator-freezer from Neff

A distinctive and impressive Neff refrigerator, the RC refrigerator-freezer has clean, strong lines, showcasing a decisively European design. Made from solid stainless steel, this refrigerator will add a professional and stylish look to your kitchen. One of the RC Neff refrigerator most unique qualities is that the unit is paneled by stainless steel in its entirety, including the rear side. This allows this fridge-freezer to be located away from a wall and in whatever area of a kitchen you desire. In addition to its distinctive look, this Neff also features many technologically advanced features, such as electronic temperature control, a warning system for temperature increases, a super-freeze option, an automatic freezing function and automatic freezing control. Refrigerator with these advanced freezing functions makes food to stay fresher and not lose its texture during the freezing or thawing process. The RC Neff refrigerator also features a clean, brightly lit interior, a low-noise function, and a SilverClean function, which helps keep the inside smooth and clean. Previously, American style fridge freezer from Neff.

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