Liebherr refrigerator now features BioFresh technology

[KBIS 2010 Review]
The popular 36″ Liebherr refrigerator, the 2062 is now offering Liebherr innovative BioFresh technology to provide the freshest, most ideal food storage conditions in large capacity refrigerators. Food that lasts up to three times longer, less waste and fewer trips to the market mean that this refrigerator can actually change the way you shop. BioFresh is now available in all 36″ Liebherr refrigerators, and these new freestanding, stainless integrated and fully integrated models were launched in April at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Chicago.
With BioFresh, the Liebherr technology allows the drawers to self adjust, adapt to any fluctuation and ensure that the temperature is perfect for the contents of the drawer. You can independently adjust each drawer – one as a HydroSafe, the other as a DrySafe depending on what you are storing. It is the precise control system that is way beyond the capabilities of any crisper drawer.

To put this technology into perspective, picking up fresh produce daily and only consuming what you need for that day is very efficient, if you live in a small European village where you walk to the market on the way home from work. The reality in North America is that large percentages of the population drive to supermarkets, often several miles from their home or office, or rely on packaged, processed and frozen food when the market trip is not possible. With BioFresh technology, such a Liebherr refrigerator keeps carrots fresh last 30 days longer, grapes 17 days longer, yogurt 16 days longer and your beef fillet 5 days longer. Make a fresh salad with lettuce you bought 8 days prior. BioFresh enables consumers to shop every other week for fresh produce, thereby reducing carbon footprints.
In addition to BioFresh, the new freestanding CBS 2062, stainless integrated HCBS 2062 and fully integrated HCB 2062 incorporate Liebherr trademark sleek European design and streamlined storage options. Other key performance features of the Energy Rated line include,
– stylish French doors allowing for better clearance than side-swing doors
– stainless integrated and fully integrated models also have Liebherr SoftSystem gentle close technology
– DuoCooling system, with separate super efficient variable speed compressors for the refrigerator and the freezer
– 10.4 cu.ft. refrigerator capacity, 2.4 cu.ft. BioFresh capacity and 6.0 cu.ft freezer capacity
– double freezer drawers on telescopic rails with self-closing drawer mechanisms
– unique LED light columns in the main compartment, LED light spots in both BioFresh drawers and freezer drawer
– most technically advanced water filter for the IceMaker available for household appliances
– enhanced Power Cooling system for improved chilling performance

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