Kenyon grills – Revolution All Seasons electric grill

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Known for their durability, robustness, performance and small footprint, Kenyon grills have a well-deserved reputation. Generated to meet the increasing popularity of outdoor living and the economically imposed trend to dine and entertain at home, Kenyon Custom is delighted to announce the all new Revolution All Seasons Electric Grill. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, without the hazard of open flames associated with propane gas or charcoal grills. Since safety today more important than ever, and with many metropolitan areas restricting the use of open flame grilling, a resident in an apartment or condominium has little choice but an electric grill.

Revolution All Seasons electric grill heats extremely well and fast, with heat controlled through an intelligent touch control in a sealed moisture-proof ceramic glass panel. The touch control of these Kenyon grills activates the concealed heating element while providing a visual indication of the heat setting. A nonstick grate imparts characteristic barbeque grill markings while sealing in the flavor and juices and making clean up a breeze. The cast aluminum grate is protected by a USDA approved food grade non-stick coating and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or by being placed in the dishwasher. The lid is also easily cleaned as well, simply remove one hinge pin and place in your dishwasher. The grease tray is a disposable aluminum pan that is conveniently sourced in grocery stores. One of the secrets that allows for indoor cooking is a concealed electric element that eliminates grease flare-ups while providing a controlled heat source. Smoke and grease flare ups can be further mitigated by adding a cup or two of water to the disposable drip pan located below the element. Kenyon builds its grills including the Revolution All Seasons electric grill in the United States of America using the highest quality marine grade stainless steel. All Kenyon grills come with industry exclusive three-year product replacement warranty that includes parts and labor. Price is $695. Previously, Kenyon custom cooktops.

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