Largest refrigerator capacity by A-Line

The A-Line Twin Pro AB20P is the largest refrigerator on UK market and likely in Europe. Even in the U.S. you will not see a 40 cu. ft. capacity too often. That is just under 1,133 litres. This massive, 182cm wide refrigerator is for the discerning consumer who requires extra width and largest capacity, with designer style. Made in premium stainless steel, the twin-width fridge-freezer is built from two 91cm wide left and right hinged refrigerators with pull out freezers, linked with continuous top box and bottom grilles. Zero Degree drawer, optional ice maker, Pro Line styling with continuous stainless grille style and 12 different glass / mirror panel options to choose from. Smaller, 150cm wide Twin Pro AB19P refrigerator with 38 cu. ft. capacity is also available from A-Line.

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