Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel refrigerator

Belonging to Samsung 9000 Series of modern appliances, the Zipel FS9000 is divided into the InCase fridge compartment for bulky and less often used foods, and the ShowCase fridge compartment for frequently consumed items like fruits, vegetables, deli meats, juices and such. Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel FS9000 is designed to appeal to the younger consumer who attach priority to time management – an alternative to the popular Samsung T9000 French four-door refrigerator with Android based LCD screen which was primarily intended for the middle age buyers.

The ShowCase fridge compartment is designed to meet the needs of every member of the household and opens only the exterior door of the refrigerator. When opened, you find whatever you want at one glance. It comes with customizable baskets to address the various needs of a household by placing 6 specific food cases within the ShowCase including Cheese Case, Sauce Case, Drink Case, Snack Case, Kids Case and Multi Case.
For further convenience and practicality, there are 3 zones, each comprise 2 cases, the upper level Cooking Zone with Cheese and Sauce Cases, the middle level Family Zone with Drink and Snack Cases, and the lower level Kids Zone with Kids and Multi Cases.
This Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel refrigerator features Samsung own Twin Cooling Plus System that separates airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer, enabling accurate temperature control while improving cooling performance. In addition, it incorporates Samsung Space Max technology, an insulation technique that allows for the thinner fridge walls, keeping the overall refrigerator size within typical side-by-side parameters. As a result, the Food ShowCase Zipel FS9000 offers more capacity within the interior of the refrigerator, while maintaining the standard exterior dimensions.
Samsung also equips the Food ShowCase with its superior digital inverter compressor to drastically improve energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting to the ongoing cooling requirements. Whether due to frequent door opening, a hot plate of food or changes to the outside temperature, the compressor reacts rapidly and provides cold air or slows down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. And, unlike many other models, Samsung compressor operates at a lower noise level at night.
The exterior is designed with the goal of making it a premium fridge freezer that meets all decorative demands of the modern consumers. The Food ShowCase refrigerator features elegant metal doors, handles and clean sleek finish, showcasing Samsung design philosophy of Timeless Design.

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