Foco stoves by Sideros

Foco 160
The stylish Foco stoves are made by Sideros for the high end market. Designed to look like a real piece of furniture, the Foco 160 has compact thick steel structure covered by Bordeaux, Vanilla or Sun Yellow ceramic. The elliptically shaped front and panoramic glass allow you enjoy the flames from anywhere in the room. 10.0 kW heat output and 80% efficiency can sufficiently warm 250m³ space. Priced at around £3,200.
Foco 140
Attractively styled and very functional Foco 140 has a solid structure in thick steel, elegant elliptical lines and large frosted glass window. Slim 65cm profile lets you install this stove almost anywhere along the walls or in corners. 9.0 kW heat output, 80% efficiency, 225m³ heatable space, Bordeaux, Vanilla or Sun Yellow ceramic finish. Price is £3,000.

Foco 135
This compact stove has large panoramic window, log storage, 8.0 kW and 78% efficiency. Comfortably heats up to 150m³. Being less than 60 cm wide and just slightly over 47cm deep, make Foco 135 an ideal wood burning stove for smaller homes and apartments. Bordeaux, Vanilla or Sun Yellow finish. Price is £2,800.
Foco 120
This sleek stove comes with a panoramic window, which is one of the largest on the market. The smooth lines and the chrome trim accentuate the stove shape, designed to fit any decor. The steel body and high quality ceramic finish in stylish Bordeaux, Vanilla or Sun Yellow project luxury and sophistication. Great heating technology and refined aesthetics for your body and soul. Log storage, 9.0 kW output, 78% burning efficiency, heats up to 150m³. Price is £3,000. Also available in soapstone.
Foco 110
The slender stove with large panoramic window can be placed anywhere in the house. Made from the materials proven to withstand large temperature variations, it comes with the combustion chamber with high-resistant refractory material. Bordeaux, Vanilla or Sun Yellow finish. 7.0 kW, 78% efficiency, 120m³ heatable area. Price is £3,000. Also comes in soapstone.
Foco 75
The ceramic wood burning stove is available in Burgundy, Sun Yellow or Vanilla, offering 7.0 kW heat output and 70% efficiency. It heats 120m³ space. Large panoramic glass door, elliptical shape, steel humidifier on the top. Price is £2,300.
Foco 185G
Foco 185G is modern wood burning stove which can rotate full 360°, so its flames can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. Comes in Burgundy, Sun Yellow or Vanilla. 8.0 kW heat output, 70% efficiency, 160m³ heatable area. Price is around £2,800. Foco. Previously, Sideros wood burning stoves.

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