Sideros wood stoves

Tiffany Decorata
The Tiffany Decorata has large grate door for better flame view and easier wood loading. This wood burning stove also features a new and original design and is fitted with die-cast chrome-plated aluminium handles which highlight the contemporary and modern line. Made entirely of cast-iron, enamelled at 800°C for durability and performance. 8.0 kW maximum heat output, 73% burning efficiency.
Baby Erika
Baby Erika is compact, harmonious and functional stove with 8.0 kW high heat output and double combustion in order to guarantee higher efficiency and lower wood consumption. All cast-iron parts are matte RAF enamelled at 800°C to ensure unlimited resistance over time. This petite ceramic stove stands out for its original combination of elegance and compactness of design. Comes in different colours.

Karina Forno
This wood burning stove features large cooking oven and has rounded lines, also serving as an elegant decor complement. With the new Karina Forno the tradition of Sideros warmth blends with the modern colours. The cast iron structure is enamelled at 800°C to guarantee decades of enjoyment. The chrome-plated finishing and the two different colours give this stove its own unique personality. 8.0 kW maximum heat output.
Stübella Forno Cerasarda
The Stübella Forno Cerasarda is an elegant, hexagonally shaped stove in lava stone, hand decorated and painted by the famous craftsmen of the Costa Smeralda. Redesigned fire and grate doors and handles. The larger grate door provides better flame view at the same time improving wood loading. Cast iron enamelled structure, cooking oven, 8.5 kW heat output, 69% efficiency.
Tiffany Forno
Larger grate door, new original design and die-cast chrome-plated aluminium handles highlight these contemporary wood burning stoves. The cooking oven is practical and spacious. Stove structure is entirely made from enamelled cast-iron. The chrome-plated finishing, the new covering of moulded ceramic elements and crystalline enamelling with craquelé effect in two different colours give Tiffany a truly innovative look. 8.0 kW heat output, 73% efficiency.
Tiffany Cerasarda
The Tiffany Cerasarda is enriched by lava stone, hand decorated and painted by the famous craftsmen of the Costa Smeralda that with the ample warm and involving hearth makes it suitable for any environment. Technically is identical to the Tiffany Forno stove save for the cooking oven.
Super Star Forno
The Super Star wood burning stoves are modern and efficient, and are ideal for heating the surroundings. They come with the 3mm thick steel body, covered with 10 white-body ceramic elements with high radiating heat output for a very contemporary and personal look. The stove large hearth is composed of high-quality refractory elements to achieve excellent combustion and 11.0 kW heat output. The back of the hearth is made of cast-iron. The wide door with panoramic window makes the Super Star look more like a fireplace than a stove.
Stübella Pietra Ollare
The elegant Stübella Pietra Ollare is the new stove covered with sandblasted ollar stone. Redesigned fire and grate doors, and handles. The large grate door provides better flame view and helps with wood loading. The stove hexagonal shape as well as its structure is entirely made of cast-iron, matte RAF enamelled at 800°C to ensure unlimited resistance over time. 11.0 kW heat output, 69% burning efficiency.
Comfort Gialla
The compact Comfort Gialla is quite similar to the Super Star with its 3mm thick steel body which is covered by 8 elements in white ceramic. It also comes with the stainless steel plate which can be filled with water and natural essences to humidify and refresh air. The stove has 11.0 kW maximum output and can be ordered with coloured ceramic tiles.
Super Star
Finished in Bordeaux, the ovenless version of the Super Star Forno, this stove also features large glass door with interchangeable fire resistant glass, ceramic vault, ash door and ash drawer.
Jolie Pietra Ollare
The efficient Jolie Pietra Ollare is soapstone wood burning stove equipped with a lining made of natural stone and is perfectly suited for small spaces. Made entirely from cast iron and is characterized by its rounded lines, this stove fits unobtrusively in any interior style due to its natural gray finish. Cast iron door with large glass allows full view of the fire. The top is fitted with cooking rings.
Stübella Cerasarda
Quiet similar to the Stübella Forno Cerasarda except for the cooking oven, this wood burning stove is designed for smaller spaces and is an excellent decorative choice as well.
Stübella Classica
Stübella Classica is the new designer ceramic stove with charm and elegance accentuated by the hexagonal shape. It creates a warm and suggestive atmosphere. 11.0 kW heat output, 4 available colours, cast iron fire door with removable fire resistant glass.
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