Soapstone wood stove from NunnaUuni

The modern soapstone wood stove from NunnaUuni utilizes century-old technique for the best heat retention. The periclase on the surface of the soapstone fire chamber ensures the unique thermal properties of NunnaUuni premium soapstone fireplaces and wood stoves and remains a defining feature of the company. Periclase, which is 6 times harder than talc and withstands temperatures of up to 1,600°C, appears when Magnesium Carbonate present in the soapstone surface, converts into it at temperatures exceeding 520°C. With the melting point of pure periclase close to 2,800°C, the soapstone stove chambers deliver outstanding heat storage and long lasting output.

Due to its unique structural design, NunnaUuni soapstone wood stove needs to be heated just around 2 or 3 hours in order to produce steady, prolonged heat for a full 24 hour period. The enjoyable warmth of NunnaUuni stove spreads around the entire home like the rays of the sun, and surrounds you with its warmth. Because a soapstone fireplace does not heat the air itself but the surfaces that the heat rays touch, the air in your house will have qualities similar to those of the open air heated by the sun. Built in Finland.

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