Vogelzang wood stoves – EPA certified Performer and Shiloh

All that snow shoveling this morning made me think of a nice and rugged wood burning stove. Since I refuse to buy a snow blower to minimize my carbon footprint, while my wife thinks I am just cheap, only EPA certified wood stoves would do it. I might just go and pick on of Vogelzang wood stoves, either Performer or Shiloh comes to mind. Both stoves qualify for the federal 30% Energy Tax Credit to benefit those who purchase and install specific types of energy efficient product in their homes. So let’s see what we got here.
The Performer is a larger of the two Vogelzang wood stoves and at 325 lbs is much heavier. It comes with adjustable 100 CFM blower that directs warm air around the firebox and into the room, and 6″ round flue size, features whopping 119,000 BTU rating and easily heats up to 2,200 ft², which is probably all the footage I have. This EPA certified wood stove is quite safe and can burn up to 12 hours on one fueling of 20″ wood logs, producing a tremendous amount of heat and keeping it for a long time. It is built from 3/16″ reinforced steel plate with interior firebrick lining and has a ceramic glass window on the cast iron door with cool-touch spring handle, offering a beautiful view of roaring flames. Finished in smooth black with pewter trim, the airtight wood stove operates with a 75% efficiency rating and has a large pull out ash tray for convenient ash removal. Seen in stores for around $1,100.

The EPA certified Shiloh is of the cleanest burning wood stoves on North American market, offering an airtight, reinforced plate steel construction capable of heating up to 1,400 ft² with a 68,000 BTU rating. It is a bit small for my house, but still worth considering. I like its weight of just under 245 lbs in spite of solid 3/16″ reinforced steel construction with firebrick lining, and the fact that it is capable of burning up to 8 hours on one fueling of 18″ logs. These Vogelzang wood stoves feature a convenient front loading cast iron door with ceramic glass window which is tightly locked with a cool-touch spring handle. 6″ round flue size, over 75% efficiency rating, adjustable 100 CFM blower and charcoal black finish with pewter trim. And just like with the Performer, a large ash drawer for easy ash removal makes cleaning a breeze. Priced at around $850. Vogelzang wood stoves.

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