Stove fireplace J. Rotherham New York in Art Deco design

Create a clean, modern look for your urban interior with J. Rotherham hand finished and truly cosmopolitan New York fireplace, Art Deco Collection.

Typified by geometric, streamlined and angular shapes, this fireplace from J. Rotherham is appropriately named. New York epitomises art deco design through its stacked, linear forms to present a clean, well defined, modern aesthetic that stems from its stylish artistic heritage.
Adding a sophisticated flourish to any type of home, interior scheme or setting, J. Rotherham New York Fireplace is made in Britain and expertly hand finished in a choice of British limestones – Portland, Creeton, Guiting, Ancaster and Bathstone. The Portland Stone is quarried from the Isle of Portland in Dorset and has a worldwide reputation as one of the most prestigious building materials available.
A special stain repellent is applied to every stone fireplace from J. Rotherham, offering greater protection against household products that could stain the surface. J. Rotherham permanent nano-bonding technology that is added to the stone goes beyond conventional sealers, as once professionally applied it creates a natural bond with the stone to eliminate any further application over time. This technology also ensures breathability for all J. Rotherham products to ensure the stone retains its natural surface colour and finish by preventing moisture build up.

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