Seguin wood stoves offer several pedestal designs


Modern wood burning stoves by Seguin come in many contemporary designs, materials and finishes. The heat output also varies depending on the model, so you can always find a wood burning fireplace to fit your home perfectly. The Ambre above, gives you an unobstructed view of flames and burns 33 cm logs at almost 71% efficiency.

The heavy, steel based 147 kg pedestal stove is stable yet elegant, and heats up 400 cubic meters of living space. It can be installed with horizontal or vertical outlet. The contemporary cast iron stove offers just over 10 kW in maximum heat output, adjustable primary air intake, double combustion with secondary air intake in the upper part of window, air wash system and integrated ashtray. Price is around € 2,570.
This modern wood burning stove from Seguin is available in the central 4-window and wall 3-window models. Kubic brings close to 9.0 kW heat output, 72% yield and keeps warm up to 300 cubic feet while burning 33 cm wood logs. The central 4-window stove weighs just 105 kg, the wall model is a bit heavier at 118 kg. Vertical outlet, double combustion, connectable to the outside air. Price is around € 3,900.
The large, all steel Seguin Opale features cast iron combustion chamber, with 77% efficiency and 15.0 kW heat output. Easily heats 400 cubic meters and burns 50 cm wood logs. The stove also has an adjustable valve for optimized burning, double combustion, integrated ashtray. Price is about € 2,200. Seguin.

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