La Castellamonte tiled wood stoves

The classic, tiled wood stoves from La Castellamonte are available in 12 wood burning and 2 pellet models. The ceramic tiles can be finished in 32 colours, allowing you to match the decor of any room you wish to place the new tiled wood stove in.

You can heat up to 460 cubic meters with some models, while others are more suitable for smaller spaces. Several stoves can be configured to provide hot water for the entire house.
Every La Castellamonte tiled wood stove incorporates tradition, craftsmanship and the latest technological innovations, with emphasis on safety and efficiency. Large cast iron or steel fireboxes are lined with refractory material, allowing substantial loads of firewood. Depending on the model, your classic tiled stove may keep heating up to 12 hours. La Castellamonte.

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