Pellet stoves Leyden from Lopi

The new Lopi pellet stove, Leyden has the highest heating efficiency in a medium-sized stove on the market to heat better than ever before. The design gives you a smaller footprint to take up less living space. The stove ash removal system is the most convenient to date with Lopi slide out ash pan on drawer glides. Lopi pellet stoves offer an all-natural, clean and environmentally sound way to heat your home. Pellet fuel is easy to store and easy to use. Wall thermostats and remote control options make the automatic operation even easier – set and maintain a constant temperature in your home for many hours without reloading. The Leyden pellet stove will give you years of enjoyment and comfort. With features like state-of-the-art computerized control board, heavy-duty jam-free auger, stainless steel multi-fuel burn pot and 12 convection air tubes for maximum heat transfer you don’t have to overly worry maintaining your Lopi pellet stoves. Quiet, 165 CFM convection fan, easy access firebox for cleaning, standard wall thermostat for longer burn times and steel unibody construction in a cast iron shell. This Lopi pellet stove can easily heat up to 2,250 square feet and have heating efficiency of 85%.

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