Petit Godin decorative gas and multi fuel vintage stoves

If you are looking for a gas vintage stove and want the one which would last lifetime, provide warmth and aesthetic appeal, the Godin vintage stoves should be definitely on your list. Godin has manufactured the world famous decorative stoves continuously since 1889. Properly installed and operated, your vintage stove will give you years of dependable warmth and play important decorative part in your home. The Oval Petit Godin is the North American gas version of the world known vintage Petit Godin Stove. Its reputation has been made on its high finish quality, efficiency and reliability. Weighting 140lbs with overall dimensions of H30.31″ x W23.22″ x D22.63″ and charming old world looks, this stove can be installed on hardwood or tile flooring in your house, and provide 7kW per hour with natural gas and 7.5kW using LP. The compact decorative vintage stoves feature integrated piezo ignitor, separate temperature knob, stand-by position independent of temperature setting, thermoelectric flame failure device, interlocking prevention in case of inadvertent re-ignition, pressure regulator, temperature system with ON/OFF switch for low fire and modulation for high fire. The Round Petit Godin is the North American multi fuel version of elegant Le Petit Godin 3720. Crafted from enamelled steel and cast iron, this vintage stove features cross burning combustion, interior lined with concrete fire bricks and ability to burn coal and wood. The stove can provide up to 5kW of heat and measures only H29.92″ x W16.14″ x D16.14″ with almost perfectly round shape, so it is suitable for smaller homes. These decorative cast iron vintage stoves are available in several colors. When installing, make sure you read the entire manufacturer supplied installation manual and follow it. Previously, Godin stoves and range hoods.

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