Palazzetti Italian modern wood stoves

Palazzetti wood stoves have some of the best design features, and are likely among the most ecologically friendly modern wood stoves, available in Europe and US. The Palazzetti stoves are designed to burn wood properly, using dual combustion to reduce carbon monoxide emissions to a minimum and take maximum advantage of the thermal output of the wood. These decorative modern wood stoves are offered in five distinctive lines – Classic, Contemporary, Rustic Oven/Food Warmer and Economy Kitchen. Classic wood burning stoves are built predominantly with majolica or refractory ceramic and use unfinished cement conglomerate for their bases. Larger models are capable of heating the entire house if proper ventilation is utilized. A Contemporary line wood stove is made entirely in majolica or cast iron, or from combination of majolica or cast iron with any of the following – satin finish steel, painted micro-perforated sheet metal, coloured ceramic, silk polished soapstone and drop-worked electro coloured stainless steel. Fireboxes are made entirely in extra thick cast iron. Ecological dual combustion system, hydraulic system which makes it possible to heat radiators with proper connections, easily extractable ash box, self-cleaning pyroceram resistant up to 800°C are some of the features of any given modern wood stove from the Contemporary line. The two wood burning stoves from Rustic line come with the fireboxes made entirely in 7mm thick cast iron, pyroceram doors and pull-out firewood boxes. One wood stove made with majolica woven in elegant design pattern and the other stove is clad in refractory majolica with steel structure. Many Palazzetti models also feature the turbo system which helps the heat in the exhaust fumes to be distributed to several rooms. The centrifugal fan and the recessed digital control unit are standard in these modern wood stoves.

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