Soapstone injector stoves from NunnaUuni

Centus Red injector stove
These lightweight soapstone injector stoves offer much improved heat storage capacity. The Finnish made NunnaUuni injector stove delivers modern design and the thermal energy characteristics of a massive soapstone fireplace. The injector unit concealed beneath the stove stylish shell, works by maximizing the unique heat storing and releasing properties of NunnaUuni Mammutti soapstone, the same that used in the company soapstone wood stoves. The injector stove transfers the heat from the smoke gases to the Mammutti soapstone at an extremely efficient rate.

Clean, efficient, high energy combustion starts as soon as the wood ignites. NunnaUuni injector technology raises the heat storing and releasing properties of small, lightweight stoves to an unprecedented level. The injector stove suffers none of the classic problems encountered with lightweight stoves, such as excessive heat surges and high flue temperatures. It burns the wood efficiently, yet atmospherically, with large, bright flames. The efficient, clean combustion of the wood requires a steadily high temperature of 800°C to 1200°C throughout the combustion process. In a traditional light fireplace, such high temperatures can raise the flue temperature to a dangerously high level, increasing the risk of fire and making the room unpleasantly hot. If this excess heat is then released to the outside air, it is simply going to waste. The injector stove transfers the heat generated by clean combustion to the soapstone structures of the fireplace at an extremely fast rate. The injector stove can heat a room for twelve hours at a stretch without the need to constantly add and burn more wood.
Genius injector stove
The light yet powerful Genius injector stove is a ground breaker in fireplace design. Both in town and country, a Genius stove gives heart to the home. Thanks to its clean design and stylish colours which enhance the charm and allure of the fire, Genius suits many types of home, adding a warm and personal touch to the interior decor. This super-clean energy producing fireplace is a delight both to the eye and to the environment.
Centus White injector stove
Centus offers the perfect combination of outstanding heating performance and space efficient, classic design, and is equally at home with traditional and modern interiors. The Centus stove gives smooth and long-lasting radiating heat. Browse the Centus options range for colours and decorative elements to complement your decor. NunnaUuni soapstone injector stoves.

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