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What makes wood pellet stoves and heaters so appealing to many is the fact that a pellet stove provides an efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and inexpensive energy supply. If you wish to contribute to CO2 reduction and enjoy lifetime of warmth and beauty of the flames, then the climate-protecting pellet heating technology should be on your short list. The following Wodtke stoves also serve as efficient water heaters.
The environmentally friendly Ivo.tec comes with integrated water heat exchanger for connection to the central heating. This innovative pellet furnace sets new standards for modern pellet stoves, when it comes to home heating. Wodtke incorporated automatic ash removal and optional automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger, so the stove is safe and easy to maintain. It is very quiet and with thermal output ranging from 3 kW to 13 kW, the stove can fulfil the demands of a wide variety of households. Also, due to its general approval as room-air-independent pellet stove, Ivo.tec specifically allows installation in passive and low-energy houses with regulated room ventilation, allowing to combine wood pellet burning with solar heating systems and/or controlled ventilation systems, and create a thoroughgoing CO2 neutral heating system for a one- or two-family house. These Wodtke premium pellet stoves come in three finishes, including steel for 7.800 €, transparent green glass for 8.050 € and decorative Latte M glass for 8.900 €.
Either in blue or black, the CW 21 pellet furnace makes striking impression. The most modernly shaped out of all Wodtke pellet stoves, it comes with integrated water heat exchanger for connection to the central heating, offering a nominal 10 kW output with settings between 2 kW and 10 kW. Its storage box allows you to stockpile some 52 kg of wood pellets. Other features and accessories include large ceramic glass window, electronic ignition, child proof door latch, ash scraper, glass cleaner, cleaning brush and detailed instruction package. Made of steel and cast iron, the CW21 pellet stove is finished in powder-coated metal and sells for 6.800 €.

Wodtke TopLine pellet stove features integrated water heat exchanger and 10 kW heat output with settings from 2 kW to 10 kW. The stove provides much needed warmth combined with irresistible attraction of flaming fires, adding a touch of romance of the traditional fireplace to your living room. You can store approximately 50 kg of pellets. Convex glass ceramics, electronic ignition, high quality steel and cast iron design, heavy cast iron firebox door, child-proof doors latch, control handle, ash scraper, glass cleaner, cleaning brush and detailed instruction package. These pellet stoves are available in smooth black for 7.700 €, matte stainless steel for 7.950 €, ceramic green patina for 8.400 € and soapstone for 9.000 €. Wodtke.
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