Contemporary rotating stoves from Romotop

Designed to meet requirements and wishes of the most demanding European customers, the contemporary stoves from Czech based Romotop are some of the most versatile, best engineered and stylish stoves you find today. Romotop produces what seems to be the largest line of the efficient and innovative contemporary stoves from sheet metal, stone, ceramic and combination of the sheet metal with stone, sheet metal with ceramic in many shapes and designs, satisfying every decorative desire without sacrificing performance and functionality.
Available in 30 different finishes, and made from sheet metal and ceramic, Avila Turn is an exclusive contemporary stove with a rotating mechanism. With its elegant oval shape and large glass window, you can enjoy fire from anywhere in your room. With 80% wood burning efficiency, and 8 kW of heat output, Avila Turn warms up the living space of 150 cubic meters.
Made with grey or green natural stone facing, the simple yet elegant Meru stove can be placed in any interior. The stone transfers radiant heat even after the fire has burnt out. With intake of secondary air, the glass door is staying clean. Central air inlet and ability to connect top or bottom venting, 80% burning efficiency, 8 kW heat output and 160 cubic meters in heating power.
The powerful Astorga stone stove is the larger of Romotop contemporary stoves, with natural stone siding of grey and green color, and features excellent heat retaining, top or bottom venting, central air inlet and secondary air intake. 81% efficient with 9 kW and 180 cubic meters of heat.
The ceramic Bilbao has its fire chamber placed quite high, giving you an unobstructed view of the fire through a large glass door, and a space to put several wood logs or Eco-briquettes underneath. Top venting, secondary air intake, 8 kw in heat output, 160 cubic meters of heating power, 80% efficiency and 30 ceramic finishes.
Made entirely from high-grade, dark gray steel sheet metal, the oval shape Stromboli transfers heat quickly into the room and cools quickly when extinguished. These modern stoves floats on a pedestal and gracefully turns around for your enjoyment from any angle. 8 kW nominal output, 160 cubic meters heating power, 79% efficiency, top venting and secondary air intake.
With the ergonomically shaped handle, rounded edges of the hearth and the wood storage doors, Getaria clean lines project a compact effect. But there is nothing compact about this sheet metal and stone contemporary stove. Nominal output is 8 kW, heating power of 160 cubic meter and efficiency of 78%.
The ceramic Mangala is one of the few stoves on a marketplace contemporary or not, combining round body and angular siding and evoking the unique feeling of a three-dimensional fire stove. Option of top or bottom venting, central air inlet, secondary air intake, a lockable woodshed to store few small wood logs or eco-briquettes. Nominal output of 8 kW, heating power of 160 cubic meters and 79% efficiency.
The ceramic Busto gives you the best of what Romotop contemporary stoves have to offer. Available in every imaginable ceramic finish, this modern stove rotates, has an underneath storage for wood logs or briquettes, can be connected to top venting, features secondary air intake and comes with a nominal output of 8 kW, heating power of 160 cubic meters, and 79% efficiency.
Romotop. Also visit Wittus Fire by Design.

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