Yeoman contemporary & traditional stoves

Yeoman traditional stoves come in a wide selection of wood burning, multi-fuel and gas models, combining warm, rustic look of yesterday with modern technology and performance.
The double sided Yeoman stove is available as wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stove. Excellent companion for those cold winter nights, Yeoman double sided stove allows you to enjoy the roaring fire from two rooms while gently warming your home. The front and back doors are designed to open into adjoining rooms with one central chimney. Optional remote control available for a gas stove, lets you adjust the flames of highly realistic gas log fire and heat from the comfort of your favourite armchair or sofa. Comes in several designs with heat output ranging from 11 to 22 kW.
The largest of Yeoman traditional stoves, the County stove is an excellent choice for larger rooms and open living spaces, providing enough heat to keep you warm in the coldest weather. The vast firebox is designed to accept 46 cm logs, so that you do not need to load fuel too often. The County Integral models have built-in-boilers and are designed specifically as a heating solution for the whole house, and are capable of running radiators as well as providing domestic hot water. Up to 15 kW of heat output.
Yeoman contemporary stoves provide an outstanding focal point for modern living spaces. Yeoman Elegance Stoves come in seven models and are designed by Haas + Sohn – leading Austrian stove makers with more than 150 years experience of producing stylish and distinctive stoves, and combine the latest high efficiency heating technology with contemporary stove design. All stoves feature an airtight firebox for cleaner burning, great fuel efficency, removable ashpan and log storage compartment.
The largest of contemporary Yeoman stoves, Elegance 280 is finished in grey, has 6 kW in maximum heat output and warming compartment.
Medium sized Elegance 240 yields 4.9 kW and is finished in Anthracite. Yeoman Stoves.

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