AEG side by side refrigerators

With fresh design and friendly functionality, the new freestanding ‘A+’ energy rated AEG side by side refrigerators feature integrated water and ice dispenser, NoFrost technology and bar compartment. You can get the desired amount of frozen ice cubes or crushed ice and with 3.5 kg ice capacity in 24 hours, you never will be short. Fresh filtered water is always at hand, and thanks to the AEG PureAdvantage filtration system with a dual-activated carbon filter, the taste of water is one of the industry best. The functional design of the water dispenser enables you to fill jugs, carafes or bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Both AEG side by side refrigerators, Santo 85 606 SK and SK 85 616 offer dynamic air technology, time-saving NoFrost function and Wave Touch electronic temperature controls for precise separate control of freezer and refrigeration sectors. Frostmatic function is used when putting fresh food in the freezer to quickly freeze food to the preset temperature, preserving the flavour, nutritional value and appearance. Then temperature automatically returns to the previous value. Coolmatic is utilized for similar purposes to promptly chill large quantities of fresh food.
The side-by-side AEG Santo 85 616 SK also comes with an additional bar compartment. Now you can remove cold drinks without opening the refrigerator door. This is particularly convenient and energy-efficient. Other features include Holiday Setting which maintains a 15°C internal temperature preventing the formation of odours and mould in the empty fridge, air purifier system that removes odours so they are not transported around the fridge, visual and acoustic high temperature alarm, a full width covered dairy compartment, bright interior light for better visibility, 3 full width glass shelves in fridge section and 3 full width freezer drawers. Fridge section capacity is 402 litres while freezer capacity is 218 litres. The AEG side by side refrigerators are priced at € 1,800 MSRP (Santo 85 606 SK) and € 1,950 (SK 85 616 SK). Previously, AEG refrigerator.

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