Modern multi fuel stove from Esse

The new Esse 350 is the modern inset multi-fuel stove and the company latest in 300 line of multi fuel stoves. The 350 stove is true convector appliance and is based on the unique strengths of the 300 model, providing a higher level of performance and efficiency. The outer surface of a multi-fuel stove gets quite hot, but is much less likely to burn than an ordinary stove, and stays clean and bright. Non convection stoves heat by radiation which only travels in straight lines, but 350 stove emits continuous gentle stream of hot air which can evenly heat every nook and cranny of the room. The stove is simple to operate and comes with the true clear-window air wash system, can burn for more than ten hours on one single filling and easily takes 1 ft logs.
Other features of this multi fuel stove include cool touch handle and front for improved safety, large easy-to-clean ash pan, over heating protection, interchangeable doors and big fire opening for unobstructed view and easy load. Coming with the 72% burning efficiency, the modern Esse 350 can be yours for £675.
This 4kW contemporary multi fuel stove is available in two free standing models, the 505F and smaller 505C. Clean and elegant design, inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian stand alone stoves, but developed specifically for the UK market, allows for uncluttered view of the flames which are easily controlled by minimalist air controls. The firebox door glides open effortlessly thanks to unique invisible hinges. Firebox has two fuel option – a versatile multi-fuel model, designed specifically for burning smokeless fuels with a grate, ash pan and external riddling control, or a wood burning model, which has an exceptional 80% efficiency. This dedicated wood burner has a deeper firebox with no grate, enabling larger logs to be loaded, and provides a flat base for an ash bed to develop, which is essential when burning wood. Esse Stoves.

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