Aga multi fuel wood burning stoves – Little & Much Wenlock

The Little Wenlock is the smallest Aga multi fuel stove and is very versatile and powerful for its size. This multi fuel stove represents the perfect blend of old and new, combining a contemporary looking clear glass window with traditional moulded detailing, arched side panels and the distinctive Aga style wire handles. The Little Wenlock comes with the latest clean-burn technology to maximise the efficient use of energy and minimise the effect on the environment. Controllable heat output can reach 5,000W at 79% burning efficiency. The small size makes this stove ideal space saver for a small house or apartment. The Aga Little Wenlock multi-fuel stove features overnight burn capabilities, removable ash pan, a longer lasting high chrome grate and a removable fire fence. Easy to use air wash system to keep the glass door clean. The price for the Little Wenlock in matt black is £645. Can be finished in gloss majolica or gloss black enamel for £845 each. Gas version is also available.
The wood burning Much Wenlock is the Aga medium multi fuel stove with a heat output from 6,000W to 10,000W and 77% efficiency. You can burn wood, coal, anthracite and peat briquettes. The stove has a removable shaker grate, ash pan, fire fence and front ash tray, and can be left to burn overnight, so that you can come down to a lovely warm room in the morning. Just like Little Wenlock, the multi fuel stove comes with chrome wire handle and air inlet control. An optional integral boiler will provide up to 4,700W of energy to heat your water or up to 3 radiators. Other features are longer lasting hi-chrome removable riddling grate, preheated, controllable tertiary air control for a cleaner burn, a removable ash pan, fire fence, front ash lip, removable firebricks, cool-touch Aga handles and top or rear flue. The price is £995 for matt black model, while gloss majolica or gloss black enamel will costs you £1,195 each.
You can’t go wrong with either Wenlock multi fuel stove, which will fit in almost any setting. Aga.

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