Electrolux Calima washing machine has a built-in drying board

Calima is a unique new washing machine with built-in drying board for a safe and easy drying of even the most delicate garments such as silk and cashmere. The idea behind this Electrolux washer was to help many consumers who experienced difficulties with drying their laundry, putting their wet clothes on the floor, hanging them on radiators, even using the hair dryer or the iron for a quick dry. The drying board, fitted on top of Calima has several programs, including Wool and Delicates. The 60 x 60 cm board can be extended by additional 32 cm to cater for larger items such as woollen sweaters, jeans or towels. Integrated fan pushes warm air through the board small holes for a gentle drying of your clothes. This Electrolux washer is rated ‘A+AB’, has maximum spin speed of 1,400 RPM and comes with several special washing programs, including Cotton, Synthetic, Delicate, Easy Ironing, Jeans, Lingerie, Silk, Hand Wash, Wool, Sportswear and Ecowash.

Several options include 4 speed levels, Prewash, Rinse Well, Start/Pause and Delay Start. LCD display shows the remaining time, while Time Manager adjusts the washing time for your clothes, according to the their degree of soiling. Other features are adjustable front feet, large opening, anti spill feature, child safety and electronic load balancer. Measuring H85 x W60 x D60 cm with 7kg capacity, the new Electrolux Calima washer will be selling for around € 700. The smaller 6kg capacity washer with maximum spin of 1,200 RPM will also be available. Electrolux.

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