Electrolux Washing System – the new KaionWAVE

From the design labs at Electrolux comes the KaionWAVE washing system, a groundbreaking concept for laundry of the future. This one of a kind washing system uses ultraviolet-C light for cleaning nano-coated fabrics, a durable and stain resistant fabric that many hypothesize, will be used to make the clothing of the future. The nano-coated fabrics are cleaned with the ultraviolet-C light and free radical oxygen. The ultraviolet-C light can penetrate through every article of fabric to kill bacteria and viruses, while the free radical oxygen acts as a powerful oxidizing agent that can break down dirt into carbon dioxide and water, thus sanitizing the fabric. Functioning as both a washer and a dryer, the KaionWAVE washing system is ideal for houses where space is limited. No water or chemicals are necessary to run this washing system, and it uses wireless technology with electromagnetic induction technology which enables it to easily reside in the house of the future. The waterless and chemical free design requires minimal maintenance while the intuitive user interface is safe and easy to operate. Wash and dry your clothes in the house of the future with KaionWAVE washing system concept from Electrolux.

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