Fagor FA-5812X is a stainless steel washing machine with automatic door

The FA-5812X Fagor washer is a sharp-looking, stainless steel washing machine, designed to make your laundry chores as pleasant as possible. The key features are Anti-Crease, 50 minute Cold washes, Intensive Wash, Extra Rinse and Easy Iron functions. Instant hatch opening for your convenience and variable spin speed for up to 1,200 RPM. The automatic door opens with the push of a button. Tilted, ergonomically designed stainless steel drum with more and smaller water exit holes is very convenient to load and unload, and gentle on your garments. Blue interactive LCD shows constant information about wash cycle, time delay, program duration and time remaining, selected functions and selected revolutions. This stackable Fagor washer also has easily accessible multi-purpose detergent compartment, allowing you to use either powder or liquid detergent. Turbo-Time Plus feature makes this washing machine one of the fastest in the market, reducing washing times and energy consumption quite considerably, while still obtaining excellent washing results. The FA-5812X Fagor is also one step programming washer. All you do is choose from white or color garment settings and indicate the soil level. Machine will analyze the fabric type and the garment quantity, and will set the temperature, the RPM and the washing time. Fagor also provides the washer with its exclusive Advanced Balance System. It gets rid of the vibrations, considerably reduces noise level and increases the life of the unit. This system electronically controls and evens the weight distribution the clothing distribution within the drum during the drying cycle. The Fagor washer robust structure also contributes to the excellent performance of the unit.

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