Staber Washer is the Only Top Load Horizontal Axis machine made in the US

Staber washing machines are the only Top Load Horizontal Axis washers made in the US. According to the Staber, its washing machines are the most efficient clothes washers available on the market, and are very cost effective when it comes to energy, water, and detergent usage. Staber washer operates similar to front loading washers, while providing top loading convenience and better durability. Staber offers three washing machine, all using a patented geometric cleaning action, with Staber six-sided inner tub rotating inside a stationary half of an eight-sided outer tub. As the shape between the inner and outer tub changes while the inner tub rotates, a passive pumping action is created between the two tubs which gently pumps water through the holes of the inner tub and through your laundry. The inner tub can usually hold up to twice as much laundry as a traditional agitator washer because Staber washers do not have an agitator and you can utilize the entire tub volume. Based on the national average of just 8 loads per week for a family of 3, Staber claims you can save $300 annually in laundry-related expenses. Basic Staber washer, the HXW2304 costs $1,300. The HXW2404 adds a stainless steel base, sound deadening insulation, and an extra two year extended parts warranty for $1,700. Finally, the $1,900 HXW2504 Staber washing machine also features stainless steel outer cabinet and engineered polymer braid fill hoses.

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