Drying cabinet from Maytag

You need a drying cabinet for all those clothes you would prefer not to tumble dry. Expensive shirts, delicate blouses and wool sweaters or pretty much everything you would normally drip dry. Maytag drying cabinet makes sure you have just that. No need to hang your precious garments outside and your home doesn’t have to look like a laundromat. You can even dry your wet outdoor stuff – coats, gloves and boots. Maytag equips this drying cabinet with amazingly versatile racks, prongs and hanger attachments, so you can put plenty of wet clothes to dry under the constant flow of gently heated air. Easy to use rotary controls allows you to choose from three possible temperatures and a drying time of up to 4 hours. Three racks give the equivalent of over 16 meters of clothes line and two bars allow regular coat hangers to be used in the cabinet. Specially designed drying racks on the inside of the door are perfect for gloves, socks, ties and scarves. Maytag.

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