Samsung washer – SilverCare

The SilverCare Samsung washer has truly revolutionized the industry. This Samsung line of washing machines is an environmentally designed with a beauty that rivals its technological advancement. The SilverCare washer system is the cornerstone of these units, created exclusively by Samsung in response to increasing consumer demand for energy saving products. The drum of the washer is equipped with 99.9% pure silver atoms, widely known for their antimicrobial properties, that are electrolytically stripped of electrons and injected into the wash and rinse cycles. This allows over 100 quadrillion silver icons to sanitize clothing without the need for either hot water or bleach. When tested with just cold water, the silver ions killed 99.9% of tested bacteria, sanitized clothes beyond the capabilities of a conventional washing machine. By enabling sanitation without high-temperature water, the SilverCare Samsung washer can reduce electricity usage by up to 92%. This stylish machine is available in either a silver or champagne finish and boasts an extremely quiet operating cycle. The price is from $1,100 to $1,400. Samsung.

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