BeefEater BUGG compact barbecue

The compact BUGG completes impressive range of BeefEater grills. An efficient and space saving barbecue, BeefEater BUGG is a high power, robust and versatile grill that offers eye catching design and portability. Made of a lightweight cast aluminum with convenient grip handles on front and back, the BUGG body is easily removed from its stand and ideal for camping on your favourite grounds.

In spite of its seemingly diminutive looks, the compact BeefEater grill offers a generous 1,860 sq. cm cooking space and has sturdy detachable shelves, that can be stored inside the barbecue. BUGG also comes with a thoughtfully engineered wheel bag which accommodates the grill and its accessories.
The BUGG offers cooking flexibility as it comes standard with half grill and half plate. BeefEater equips this barbecue with 2 powerful, independently controlled, stainless steel D-shaped burners with integrated Quartz Start Ignition for evenly distributed and efficient heat. With up to 20 MJ/Hr, you will get excellent grilling results.
Besides being visually appealing, the stylish elliptical shape of the hood facilitates efficient convection cooking, ensuring even distribution of reflected heat when the hood is closed. An internal space 19 cm high allows enough room for cooking large steaks and fish. BUGG also features an innovative spring-assist mechanism for smooth operation. It also facilitates partial hood opening which is a must for certain cooking processes, and prevents abrupt closing.
Manufactured with high end materials, including aluminum, vitreous enamel steel, stainless steel, phenolic, enameled cast iron and heat proof nylon plastics, BeefEater BUGG compact barbecue will withstand the harsh elements and last a life time.
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