Sunday One modern grill by Emo Design

Sunday grill from Emo Design introduces a revolution for the barbecue market. One, the new range of fixed barbecues, thanks to the patented system Duo, permits to choose from 3 different ways of cooking – the traditional wood or charcoal or the convenience of gas cooking.

One is linked to the archetype of the chimney fireplace that had a very strong success in the past, but nowadays it is suffering a decline because replaced by other solutions. Sunday One differentiates itself from traditional fixed barbecues matching with the mood of the most contemporary garden furnishings.
The grill comes with the shelves in metal or wood, the bottle rack and the cooking cover. Ergonomically studied and thought to satisfy your grilling needs, One is equipped with an adjustable cooking hob, supported by a system that permits to add additional shelves. The quick and easy installation is aided by its modularity.
The clean white and grey lines, emphasized by the use of materials like white granulated Carrara marble and grey reconstituted stone base make the Sunday a stylish and functional object to exhibit in the garden. Emo Design.

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