Rommelsbacher electric stand grill


This Rommelsbacher electric stand grill, the BBQ 2004/S is a traditional stand grill that uses integrated 2.2 kW heating element underneath its massive, 40 cm detachable grill plate with ribbed and flat grilling zone. You have a precise temperature regulation, clean, safe and fast heating, and beautifully grilled food. The Rommelsbacher electric stand grill is perfect for those who like grilling without smoke, flareups and worries where to throw unburned charcoal.

Whether usual, direct grill marks on the open grill or indirect grilling with closed cover, the electric stand grill does everything perfectly on its non stick 3-layer coated round grill plate. On the ribbed surface, steaks get the typical grilling stripes while fish gently cooks on the flat surface.


The temperature is clearly shown of the display attached to the cover. The stable post also provides a convenient working height and the grilling utensils can be conveniently stored on the storage tray with practical hooks. Hinged cover, grill plate, drip pan and regulator are detachable, so the Rommelsbacher grill is easy to clean. Fat drain and removable drip pan for healthy low fat grilling, infinitely variable temperature regulation via detachable regulator, cleaning scraper. Rommelsbacher. Previously, Rommelsbacher deep fryer.

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