Morso Forno outdoor oven

The Morso Grill Forno outdoor oven is made from a solid high-quality enameled cast iron, offering truly unsurpassed advantages for grilling. The cast iron grill is fitted on a base with 3 legs, made from teak that are held together with a stainless steel ring. A coal insert and a grill grate, both crafted from cast iron, come with the Morsø Grill Forno.

The special surface of the grill grate has legion of small pores in order to absorb the fat and flavorings from the meat. A unique feature which ensures that the meat is grilled in its own juices – unlike stainless steel grates where the meat is not grilled but roasted. You can also outfit the Morso Grill Forno with the separate stainless steel door, making both slow cooking and smoking possible. See Wall hanging wood burning stoves.
Internally, the oven is shaped like an Italian stone oven. The wide, low ceiling firebox produces optimal radiant heat and plenty of space for firewood to be pushed aside when it is time to cook. The oven is made of solid enameled cast iron and will last for many seasons with proper care. Morso. Previously, Morso 2b wood stoves.

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