Smoking ovens – SmokinTex electric smoking grills

SmokinTex ovens make old-fashioned pit barbecue and delicious natural wood-smoked foods. You can enjoy excellent smoke flavor and a tender, moist meal every time. In a SmokinTex electric smoker, food is slow-cooked over real gentle wood smoke, retaining moisture and flavor. Smoke beef, pork, poultry, fish, seafood, lamb, sausage, game, vegetables or whatever you fancy, even make jerky. Choose from several stainless steel smoking ovens to suite your needs.


Above is the newest grill, SmokinTex 1100, ideal for smaller gatherings of family and friends. Just put in any dry hardwood and food, shut the door, set the temperature and smoke away. You don’t have to babysit this thermostat controlled smoking grill. Controlled heat combined with a well insulated cabinet and no-draft cooking conditions produces delicious results each and every time. You can also cold smoke with optional cold smoke plate. The electric smoking oven weighs only 50 lbs. and is easy to move or carry. Does not get hot on the outside, easy to clean with dishwasher safe grills and 2 racks. Optional wheels. Price is $395.
The larger 1400 electric smoker comes with 3 racks, stainless steel drip tray and standard wheels. Electrically-controlled thermostat maintains temperatures anywhere from 100° to 250°F. It weighs just over 90 lbs. and can smoke 38 lbs. of meat cuts per load. Price is $595.

This is the largest professional grade SmokinTex electric oven designed for residential use. The 1500 oven will cook 80 lbs. of cuts or 40 lbs. of St. Louis ribs. Comes with 4 stainless steel racks, including one especially for seafood. 8 rack positions for utmost smoking flexibility, stainless steel drip tray, 4 heavy duty wheels. Weight is still manageable 145 lbs. Price for this all stainless steel electric smoker is $1,695. SmokinTex.
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