Bosch dishwasher – 45cm Bosch slimline height adjustable dishwasher

The 45cm Bosch dishwasher, SRI 45T35EU is the slimline dishwasher, with a shape reminiscent of the earlier narrow dishwashers, intended for smaller kitchens. Today however, such slimline dishwashers are made to work for large kitchen and families, giving another option for layout of your kitchen. Rated AAA for energy, this Bosch dishwasher comes with 9 place settings and has 4 programs – Intensive, Auto, Eco and Quick. Intensive program is a special program for the dirtiest dishes, and at 70°C, the wash is especially suitable for messy pots and pans. Eco program works at 50°C temperature and reduces the consumption of water as it determines the soil level in the wash water, normally using only 11 litres of water and 0.8 kWh of electricity. Quick is the fastest cycle yet, allowing you to wash six place settings in just 30 minutes – perfect for times when you need to wash a small load quickly. The dishwasher height can be adjusted between 81 cm and 87 cm, giving you another 5 cm of washing space. Bosch equips this stainless steel slimline height adjustable dishwasher with sleek electronic display, adjustable upper basket, 4 adjustable racks, cutlery tray and up to 19 hours optional start delay. Unlike conventional dishwashers, where water falls randomly onto an exposed heating element, resulting in slower and less energy-efficient heating, Bosch dishwasher, on the other hand, channel 100% of the water through tighter coils in a confined heating chamber, which heats the water quickly and efficiently. Washing dishes should not be too noisy, and this dishwasher is pretty quiet, not exceeding 45 dB(A). Safety features of this Bosch dishwasher include AquaStop protection against leakage and electronic child safety lock. The price is € 1,340. Bosch.

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