Bosch dishwasher with ActiveWater Eco² Zeolite drying technology and efficient water management

Bosch ActiveWater Eco² dishwasher combines the extremely efficient water management of the Active Water Eco with the power-saving Zeolite drying system. The advanced technology uses the silicate mineral zeolite in the drying process to store both water and heat. With an annual electricity consumption of 194 kWh and an annual water consumption of 1,960 liters, the Eco-50 Standard program of this Bosch dishwasher beats the ‘A+++’ efficiency rating by 10%.

The super efficient water management of the Bosch ActiveWater Eco² dishwasher reuses the clean water from the final rinse cycle for the first wash of the next load. This provides for the incredibly low 7-liter water consumption for 13 place settings.
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