Oranier 60cm wide dishwasher


The new Oranier dishwasher, GAVI 7559 XL is fully integrated, 60cm wide dishwasher with 12 place settings.

This dishwasher is also height adjustable and rated ‘AAA’ for energy, cleaning and drying efficiencies.

Its extra-large interior space helps you wash more dishes at once and do it quietly as the noise is capped at 49 dBA.

Oranier incorporated 10 washing programs which include Auto 60-70°C, Auto 40-50°C, Normal 65°C, Bio 50°C, Intensive 70°C with prewash, Intensive Extra Strong 70°C without prewash, Quick Intensive 70°C without prewash, Glass 45°C, Hot 69°C and Soak.

Features also include electronic display with soft touch controls, up to 9 hour start delay, overflow protection, AquaStop to prevent water damage and electronic salt indicator.

Price is € 750.


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