Fagor 60cm advanced built-in dishwasher

The 60cm Fagor advanced built-in dishwasher, the LFU-073 IT is a fully integrated, electronically controlled dishwasher with many advanced features, normally found among much more expensive dishwashers. A very quiet dishwasher with noise levels not exceeding 33 dBA, it comes with AIS or Advanced Intelligence System which regulates its consumption and does troubleshooting for you, and 7 wash programmes – pre-wash, intensive, economical, Express 15 minutes, mixed, quick and automatic. 15 minutes Express program has the greatest washing speed and is designed for those times when there are only a few dishes to clean and you don’t want to wait, such as when you want to re-use the first-course plates for dessert. You only have to place all the dishes in the upper tray and select the express function. Just like this Fagor free standing dishwasher, the LFU-073 IT assures the best results in consumption, washing and drying. The intelligent built-in dishwasher from Fagor has obtained the highest European ratings in all categories – energy efficiency with minimum power consumption, washing efficiency and drying efficiency. It also consumes as much as 30% less water. In order to optimize water and energy consumption, this AIS Fagor dishwasher is equipped with sprinklers that work alternatively providing a more efficient wash. Perfect Drying feature ensures that at the end of the wash cycle, you will not find any more unpleasant clouds of hot air. An internal ventilator absorbs the steam before the door is opened, thus helping to provide a cleaner and healthier atmosphere, as well as protecting other appliances and kitchen cabinets. And the dishwasher comes with 12 normal place settings plus one extra. It can also use detergent, salt and brightener combined in a single tablet, and with 5 automatic washing programs – Normal, Automatic, Hygienizer, Intensive and Double Intensive, you don’t have to worry about adding salt or brightener. Delay Start of Operation feature by up to 19 hours makes this 60cm advanced built-in dishwasher from Fagor truly versatile and a bargain for the price of around £380. A very similar 24″ Fagor integrated dishwasher, LFA-073 IT is available in North America for $1,000 USD.

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