Quietest dishwasher – Miele quiet dishwasher for US market

[KBIS 2008 Review]
Some call this very quiet dishwasher the future of dishwashing, but by all accounts, the new G 2002 La Perla line represents a giant leap forward in dishwashing innovation, engineered to be Miele quietest dishwasher yet. These dishwashers also speed up wash programs by 10-15%, thanks to Turbo feature, while Sensor Dry, the most advanced drying system on the market, analyzes room temperature to calculate the optimal water heat, rinse aid distribution and drying time, and saving energy. The Drying Plus feature of this quietest dishwasher automatically opens the door to aid in drying. The Auto Close function softly shuts the door to start the process all over again. Miele proprietary Clean Touch Steel beautifully resists scratches, fingerprints and smudges. In the heart of this quiet dishwasher is new professional circulation pump which makes it possible for the La Perla and other G 2002 models to run incredibly soft, reducing the programs running time, and to amazingly adjust the water pressure so that programs can adapt their gentleness to the dishware being washed. The pump is likely the quietest dishwasher pump ever incorporated, and it even aids in lowering water consumption, as the water is pumped alternatively between the upper and lower spray arms. Miele unique drying process is the most innovative of any dishwasher made today. The Clean Air drying system circulates room air around the exterior cavity in the machine. This pulls moisture from the dishware to the walls of the dishwasher where it drains away. To assist this process, the new Sensor Dry feature measures room temperature so that it can adjust the heat of the water, rinse aid distribution and drying time to maximize performance. Drying Plus opens the door automatically at the end of the cycle to let out moisture and provide superb results, especially for plastics. Miele also sets the standard for this quietest dishwasher capacity with its patented third level cutlery tray that frees the lower basket to load plates, large platters, pots and more. The upper and lower baskets are very adjustable providing space flexibility like no other dishwasher today. PlateGuard Plus with its unique StemGuard feature protects tall wine glasses and plates. Three strategically positioned spray arms save tremendous time and water since they provide spotless results without pre-washing. The stainless interior is made from a higher grade steel, and of course, this quite dishwasher meets all Energy Star requirements for low water usage and is crafted so that more than 90% of the dishwasher itself is recyclable. The dishwashers are available pre-finished in white, black and stainless steel, and many of the new models can be installed behind a custom cabinet door for partial or complete integration with surrounding cabinetry. The new Miele G 2002 line will be the highest performing and quietest dishwasher, and becomes available in US sometime in the fall of 2008.

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