Wall mounted dishwasher from Siemens

The new Siemens wall mounted dishwasher fits perfectly with your built-in oven or coffee machine and is available in two models – the 45cm tall SK75M531EU with 6 place settings and the 60cm tall SC76M531EU with 8. The stainless steel speedMatic dishwasher can also be mounted under the counter if you prefer so, and is quiet with noise level at around 45 dBA. It comes with 6 programs and 5 cleaning temperatures, including Intensive 70°, Auto 45°-65°, Eco 50°, Soft 40°, Fast 45° and pre-rinse. Siemens also equips this wall mounted dishwasher with advanced hydraulic system, aqua sensor, loading sensor, detergent refill indicator, power door lock and incorporates 4 special features such as Intensive Zones, Vario speed, Extra Dry and Hygienic functions. And the environmentally concerned consumers will be glad to learn that speedMatic Eco 50° program consumes only 8.5 liters of water and 0.74 kWh of electricity during the 160-minute program.

Other features include ‘AAA’ efficiency rating, push button control panel, self-cleaning screen with 3-way wave filter, waves spray arms, remaining time display, 1 to 24 hour delay start, silver coloured flexible basket system with rear folding face plate and variable cutlery basket. The 60cm tall, 8-place setting SK75M531EU is seen in stores for just around € 640, while the 45cm tall model sells for approximately € 550. Siemens. Previously, Bosch Active Water modular dishwasher.

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