Espresso cappuccino maker – Cafamosa espresso machine from AEG-Electrolux

If stopping by the local coffee shop has become a necessity each morning, consider saving time and money with a convenient espresso cappuccino maker from AEG-Electrolux. The Cafamosa CF220 espresso machine is a sleek, compact unit that has been created according to the modern design language of the product line “AEG Neue Klasse”, a remarkable and stylish line that has an identity of its own. Functionality is addressed through clear display elements on the front that allow for ease of operation. The use of advanced technologies results in an integrated grinding gear and steam nozzle that provides the fully automatic preparation of a delicious beverage every time you use this machine. The espresso cappuccino maker even offers the option for individual adjustment of the amounts of coffee and water, allowing coffees, espressos, or cappuccinos to be prepared professionally and with the utmost in aroma quality. Pricing for this espresso cappuccino machine is €400 or $526 USD from AEG-Electrolux.

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