Bialetti Mokona espresso and cappuccino machine – the newest Bialetti espresso maker

The new Bialetti Mokona espresso and cappuccino maker gives you the choice of using either capsules, pods or even your favorite classic ground coffee. This versatile coffee machine is equipped with powerful 15 bar pump and features brass ground coffee filter holder, two thermostats for coffee temperature and steam, special pressure controlling safety valve, large 1.5 litre removable water tank and is very easy to use.
The Bialetti Mokona will be available in US in two versions – blue and silver, whereas in Europe you may also find pink and black colors. The attractive design with special varnished ABS painting and chrome plating is original, personal and elegant. The Bialetti Mokona espresso maker should hit the US market in coming days for around $350 USD. Previously, Bialetti Mukka Express electric cappuccino maker.

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