Krups espresso machine

Avid espresso drinkers and regular coffee aficionados can both be satisfied with the new Krups espresso machine, the Combi Pump Espresso-Coffee Maker. The unique Krups espresso machine takes up minimal counter space offering an espresso machine and a coffee maker in one unit, giving you the best of both worlds. The espresso side exerts a professional 15 bars of pump pressure and can brew either fresh-ground beans or use convenient coffee pods. Also featuring an auto-cappuccino setting, the espresso side precisely combines steam and air to froth milk perfectly for your favorite latte or cappuccino beverage. The coffee side of this Krups espresso machine comes with an attractive 1-cup glass carafe for easy brewing and also features a removable anti-drip filter holder. The visible water level indicator makes it easy to tell when you need to add more water and the large display makes the brewing directions and programs intuitive and easy to read. The stylish and compact stainless steel and black plastic housing will fit nicely in your modern kitchen and help create the perfect coffee beverage of your choice. Buy the Krups Combi Pump Espresso-Coffee Maker from Crate & Barrel for $300 USD. See also the Krups Coffee Maker.

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