Nespresso Machine – Siemens Porsche Design

The new Nespresso Machine from Siemens Porsche Design combines style, superior function of Siemens appliances, and the ease and convenience of great coffee from Nespresso. This machine is the ultimate marriage of form and function in a great coffee maker. Nespresso continues their line of capsule based coffee systems to help you create the perfect espresso based beverage with just the touch of a button. The elegant style of this Siemens coffee machine will fit nicely with the decor of your modern kitchen, while the high-tech yet simple operations of this Nespresso machine will ensure you can create the perfect drink every time. The unit features a stylishly lit stage for the coffee capsule, which slides into place and creates your selected beverage along with perfect cream topping by pushing just one button. The newly developed milk-swirl system generates foam with tiny pores for long-lasting creaminess atop your favorite coffee drink. This easy to operate coffee machine features a display that shows when the container has reached its capsule threshold, when the removable container needs to be filled with fresh water and when decalcification of the unit is required. It’s never been so easy to make a perfect cappuccino before – just one button with the Siemens Nespresso designed by Porsche Design. The price is €1,000 or $1,320. Also Siemens coffee machine.

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