Nespresso machine – Gemini CS200/220

Double your coffee pleasure with the new Gemini CS200 and CS220 espresso machines from Nespresso. Both of these innovative coffee machines feature a double headed extraction system for preparing two cups simultaneously, in addition to offering an impressive 16-19 bars of pressure, an option for a direct water connection, two 3-litre removable water tanks and a hot water dispenser. Designed with semi-automatic capsule insertion and ejection, both of these Nespresso machines feature 2 waste containers for used capsules with each container holding up to 35 used capsules and offer three programmable cup sizes – Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo. The CS220 also offers cappuccino and caffe latte functions, frothing or steaming milk in 20 seconds with just the push of a button in addition to a 1-litre thermal container for storing fresh, cold milk for up to 8 hours. Both espresso machines feature preprogrammed language choices and a digital multi-language display for easy viewing and operations. Two cups of your favorite espresso based coffee drinks, now prepared simultaneously by the Gemini CS200 and CS220 espresso machines.

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